Here is a high level summary of the 7 Step Church Planting Through Evangelism Process. The deails of these steps are outlined in our Training section of the site here >>

Seven Step Process

  1. Renew Your Mind – change your thinking from growing a great church to reaching the lost for Christ
  2. Cast a Vision – help others see the importance of reaching the lost children of God
  3. Gather and Equip Multiplying Leaders – hold the seminar training sessions
  4. Evangelize Your Chosen Area – go out and share the good news
  5. Disciple the New Believers – daily and weekly discipleship of baby Christians
  6. Gather into Church Plant – find a meeting place and gather the body of Christ (don’t build a building).
  7. Plant a New Church – find a new area to repeat the steps and keep multiplying to 4 or more generations of churches


Appendix – We have additional training on:

  • Prayer – all steps and actions are first preceded by prayer and leading by the Holy Spirit
  • Leadership – church planters and disciples need some basic leadership skills
  • Discipleship – our 1 year weekly small group format for discipleship you can follow right along
  • Seminar – our training materials for the 7 Steps are packaged into a 2 day seminar